Pyro Moulds

India’s First Pyro Moulds Manufacturer (Fancy Fire-Crackers Base)

Considering the existing limited man power availability and increase in man power cost we commenced to study the project by large for years and we came with an innovative technology to make Pyro Moulds using recycled paper and additives to replace the current practice of using paper tubes .

Our Products are carefully made where by they are 100% Bio Degradable and also dissolvable in water on 100% exposure for more than 30 min. This makes the product highly environmental friendly.

The product is made from special system where the mix of raw material is exposed to more than 350 degrees temperature for a given point of time during which the mould gets completely prepared

Production capacity:
Our lines are capable of producing around 25 Lakh Moulds per year to cater the Fire cracker industry in India.

Presently we are manufacturing Pyro Moulds with below specifications, further our research and development team exploring options of introducing more lines in near future as well.